Built by a partnership of media professionals inspired to take on the challenge of revolutionising our understanding of connected Internet journeys, online measurement and digital monetisation.

Connected Path was formed in 2017.  Excuse just how cheesy this sounds, but it’s been a journey to get here. 

Like any good consultancy service we needed to know our stuff, achieve tons of first-hand experience, and add a plethora of credible opinion to boot before we could claim to help solve the problems digital monestisers face. 

Connected Path has been built by a team who have spent over a decade working in the digital marketing industry.


Anthony Clements


Anthony has experience working in the traditional media world of sports journalism, followed by a transition into digital journalism.  Anthony has spent ten years in adtech solutions, working with Awin UK and Button Inc.  An advocate of digital attribution, automation and tracking technology and happiest delving into the detail to understand the tech.


Anjulie Blunden


Anjulie is an advocate of people in digital, with ten years of experience supporting clients and nurturing service teams to work together.  Anjulie has worked at Havas Media and Awin UK, inspiring new digital enthusiasts to question, analyse and consult on how changing consumer behaviour online impacts B2B service expectations.