Analytics and measurement. It's one pf the most important parts of your digital strategy.  

More than two-thirds of online transactions now involve a user interacting with more than one digital marketing channel. Organisations that have adopted proper digital attribution have seen gains of up to 30%.

Analytics and digital measurement is the technology, implementation and principles a business uses to measure how its users or customers find and interact with its various touchpoints, which might include a website, app or offline store. 

 Why is it important?

A comprehensive approach to analytics and measurement will help every type of online business not only make sense of the path their users / customers take to get to their websites or apps, but crucially will help optimise that path.

 Connected Path is a specialist digital measurement and attribution consultancy. We help businesses of all sizes navigate the myriad of options when it comes to digital measurement. We help them understand connected customer journeys across acquisition channels, business touchpoints and devices. We aim to deliver a digital measurement and attribution strategy that helps businesses confidently take actionable decisions.

Connected Path’s approach

We believe there is no ‘right’ approach to digital measurement. The strategy needs to be bespoke to meet the unique customer, trading or user acquisition requirements of each business. Here are some key features of our approach:

  • Connected Path is a technology agnostic business. We work with a range of attribution solutions from Google 360 and Adobe Analytics to independent platforms. We will choose the technology that meets your measurement requirements and budget

  • Digital measurement should evolve with your business. We hate to see businesses burdened with overly complex measurement technology that is a financial and resource burden

  • We believe in actionable results. Digital measurement should facilitate good business decisions

“I found Connected Path to be an experienced, knowledgeable consultancy, and a company that produces high-quality work. They conducted a review of one of our digital marketing channels. Crucially I found their work to be action-orientated, and we made several important changes to our digital marketing practices off the back of their recommendations. They backed up their conclusions with detailed research and expertise that would be hard to replicate.

They were also able to understand and appreciate the challenges of our own business, and tailor their work to ensure it was as relevant as possible to Three. A small team, they were easy to work with and fulfilled every one of their commitments, meeting deadlines with excellent work that was insightful, well-presented and value-for-money.”

Marcus Rohrt, Lead Affiliates Manager, Three

We can help your business if it is…

  • Thinking about implementing a paid for digital measurement and/or attribution platform, including evaluation, implementation and marketing objectives

  • Already running using digital measurement technology such as Google 360 but are struggling with the set-up, usability or actionable insight it delivers

  • Looking to implement a digital attribution strategy for the first time, or looking to move from a basic attribution model to a data-driven model

  • Already running data-driven attribution but need to tie-up the model’s results with the realities of your marketing strategy