Inspiring Careers.

MenteeMe is a mobile app fostering learning and development by connecting mentees and mentors in the digital industry.



MenteeMe is an app that allows professional people of all experience levels to connect with other people for the purpose of forging mentor relationships.

MenteeMe is a two-sided connection platform where users will be able to login to MenteeMe to be mentored, to mentor, or both.

MenteMe is a unique proposition in the market, combining the ease of a free to access app with the functionality of a powerful mentoring tool that will give users access to a community of like-minded individuals.


The digital industry is one of the most constantly evolving areas of the modern economy.

Individuals with tangible experience of the industry remain relatively rare given modern digital commerce is still less than 25 years old. However, the incredible growth of the digital industry in the last 10 years means it is now one of the most popular verticals for job-seekers.

MenteeMe aims to bridge this gap between expertise and interest, bringing together the future leaders of the digital industry with the experts of today.


"MenteeMe's proprietary matching technology connects a network of users to intelligently match skills and experience"


Built by the team responsible for Connected Path the mission behind MenteeMe is to put career development back into the hands of the individual.  

No longer beholden to the courses, skill development and training of employers, mentees can reach, connect, learn and be inspired through engaging mentors from outside of their employer but inside their industry. 


For more information visit the MenteeMe website