Connected Path's mission is improved understanding of the connected Internet journey.

At Connected Path, we believe the Internet is a visceral part of our existence that shapes and dictates the world around us. The way we use the Internet continues to evolve. It plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives.

Connected Path is focused on helping people that use the Internet for commerce make sense of the complex and fascinating online world. Our mission is improved understanding of the connected Internet journey through measurement and analysis. 

We believe that measurement of the human interactions on the Internet increases understanding and should inform at every level of digital strategy.

"We like to call any potential Connected Path client a digital monetiser – a business that sees the Internet as the integral part of generating revenue"

What We Do

Connected Path is a specialist digital marketing consultancy.

We offer impartial digital expertise in online measurement, digital marketing strategy, customer journey analysis and digital transformation.

Some clients have established long-term, ongoing relationships with Connected Path, allowing us to deliver and manage their digital strategies. 

Other clients enlist the help of Connected Path to deliver short-term briefs or one-off projects. 

Our Approach

Connected Path believes in understanding connected customer interactions on the Internet to inform digital strategy. We are a business obsessed with online measurement.  

We are at our best applying these principles to help our clients acquire, retain and connect people with their products and services.

Our business is based on expertise and experience. Our small team of Partners work directly with all our clients. We are a results-orientated business that aims to build strategies to affect change and deliver results. 


Our Services

Connected Path offers a range of inter-connected services to our clients


Attribution and Measurement

One of our core principles is online measurement to inform better decisions. Our experienced team will work with your business to implement, review or upgrade your online analytics capabilities. We will recommend and help you to implement a system for online analytics and customer measurement to ensure your business has the understanding it needs to be successful.

Digital Workshops and Training

If your business needs help better understanding the digital industry, if your team has specific questions about the market that you can’t answer, or if your team needs specialist digital training, Connected Path can help. We build bespoke workshops, training courses and presentations on almost any aspect of the digital economy and will dedicate our time to improve the skillset of your teams.



The digital space is a fantastic place to start a career, it's fast moving, adaptable and offers quick progression routes.  

However with oodles of innovation and opportunity this can be overwhelming for junior staff.  Connected Path can help provide senior mentoring support to businesses who wish to support their teams and managers, offering outside perspective and leadership through mentoring and coaching.

Business Transformation

Is your business looking to take the leap from start-up to established company. Connected Path work with emerging Martech and Adtech companies who are looking for advice and support from c-level experts without the cost of hiring them full time. We work as business advisors to help you take your company to the next level through transforming external and internal processes and helping shape the way your business is presented to your target market.