Ditching outmoded tracking practices - Connected Path’s speaker session at Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit

Connected Path are attending Affiliate Summit Europe in Amsterdam.

This year we are contributing to the agenda, with Managing Partner Anthony Clements delivering a session at 13:40 on 14th March.

 The title of the session is "Measuring the modern consumer journey - ditch outmoded tracking practices"

Tracking sales is affiliate marketing’s most vital function and its most debated issue. We’ll look at why mobile user journeys, apps, privacy laws, ad-blockers and a browser-inspired drive towards server-side logging have put affiliate tracking under the microscope.

We’ll cut through the doomsday PR to think about how impactful this myriad of tracking challenges really are to affiliate marketing, and think about what affiliate tracking will look like in the future.

Join us at 13:40 on Thursday 14th March.

For more details of Affiliate Summit Europe and to register to attend the event check out their website.